I started taking pottery classes in the early 1970s. My style evolved over time with changing trends and methods and I was lucky enough to meet and work under a Korean master potter named Ki-woon, here in Sarasota.


I’ve worked in many mediums but often stayed heavily focused on sculptural ceramics, until one day in 2009. A good friend showed me how to make a coil with colorful wire. I loved it. I was immediately attracted to all the things I might be able to create with simple, beautiful and minimal wire. Since then, I’ve experimented with wire, gems, polymers, and weaving techniques to develop my own unique contemporary style. 


I teach classes locally at ACE, teaching classes in wire jewelry and polymers. Check out the classes I teach here. 


You can find my work at the following retailers:

  • The Venice Art Center gift shop

  • Orchid Envy

  • Vibrance Massage (Coming Soon) 


I also participate regularly in local art shows, feel free to send me a message here and I'll let you know where you can find me next! 


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